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Monday, 15 December 2008

Swiss 6

Apparently this has been the most snow to fall in ticino since records began. On saturday i failed to even get to the blocs at Chironico. Today i will return shovel in hand and i will spend the day creating a path to the Alphane Moon. I anticipate this will take approx 3 hours. The snow is so deep one can no longer walk through it. Things are better snow wise in cresciano and i anticipate with the good forecast ahead this crag will recover. Folk are departing and arriving at the house in the next few days. I told micky in font to try and get some snow shoes. Hopefully decathlon stock them. Time is running out now, i have effectively been beaten by the weather, split tips and my own complacency but i haven`t given up yet. Ciao for now.


martin said...

hey doylo,

nice blog, hope you can make use of the better weather which is finally in right now! one question: where is your alphaneproject located?

greez, martin

Chris Doyle said...

Hi, Alphane Moon is in area 2 of Chironico, get the guide cos its quite tricky to find. Best to park at the barrier and drop down.

martin said...

thanx for the quick info- where to drop best when you come from the barrierra? boggalagga? just found it in the guidebook - ever wanted to go there, but never mananged it - looks cool anyway - good luck!!!

Chris Doyle said...

your best bet is too find the problwm trip to london at barrier, then drop down, go down right for about 5 mins , alpahne on the big boulder down and left, dave grahams meaty proj is the cetral line