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Monday, 22 February 2010

Bits n Bobs

I climbed at the works Friday night because i knew i wouldn't get the chance saturday. I dont't normally got to commercial walls if i can help it but i had little choice. After i warmed up i headed to the Motherboard, this is a particularly hardcore piece of overhanging wood. The holds are very nice, the board is a symmetry board and its about 9a to climb it to the top using anything. I had quite a good session on it (even got to the top once). My main beef was the foothold situation, you can only stand on very small slippery bits of wood which is obviously amazing training for body tension but i prefer feet follow hands. Even with the best tension in the world your feet won't stay on those footholds every go and in old boots this was doing my tits in. Despite this i applaud the works for catering for the hardcore, overall it is a good board with nice holds. The highlight was meeting the legendary Jasper Sharpe (he even shook me hand). On sunday afternoon i headed to Kyloe In but the road got pretty sketch in the snow so i turned around. Desperate times call for desperate measures so i headed to Almscliff, it had been covered with snow but shit was dry. I had about 40 minutes before dark so i jumped on the Keel, by the time i had warmed it was dark and i scarpered to sheffield.
Finally big up to Sausage who reclimbed Manchester Dogs, still 8a like i thought. Also big up to Sparky doing his first French 8a in Portland. Also Ed did In Hell 8a+.