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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Drink Driving 2nd ascent (Hamer Time)

Young beast Ed Hamer has been in wales for a few days now and is tearing it up already. Yesterday he did the 3rd ascent of Last Malteser (aka- Malteser/Last Rites) on Pill Box. Today he also finished off two 8a+s that he had tried yesterday, The Wire (3rd ascent) in the Cave and my own traverse Drink Driving again on the box. I did this problem in 2007 and have seen a few people on it over the years, several got quite close. Never have i seen a male so strong on it as Ed though, he fuckin crushed it. Not bad for 17 or whatever he is. I got it on camera but you'll have to wait til next week to see it. He's in wales all week so he could leave with a even healthier ticklist! Scary thought. I'm off to work tomorrow, pretty pleased really!
Defo feeling the benefits of the mill, have felt strong in the cave this week, lets hope i dont get piss week in work!

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