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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Batman 7c+

Muledog Samuel Howard Clifford Cattell has done the line right of Caveman 7b on Cavewall on the top of the Little Orme. Mule did the first ascent of Caveman maybe ten years ago. Today he fought the arctic conditions on his first session back on the project for a while. Batman took him 3/4 sessions altogether and the grade is hard 7c+ but don't be surprised if it turns out to be 8a as he's strong at the moment. The problem goes from a crouching start.
This crag has a few toughies now:
Batman 7c+ (8a)
Caveman Low Start 7c+
The Weakest Link 7c
Caveman/Breezeblock 7b+
Rocket in a Pocket 7b
Caveman 7b
Right hand problem 7a+
Patch's Problem 7a
Breezeblock 7a

Ben Bransby also managed a 2nd session repeat of Bonnie 8a+ in the Cave.


ianto said...

me and jony barr digged and weeded this crag out about 16 years ago,patch was also playin, did about 3 problems there and saw the potential took a hell of alot of loose holds off nice to see pictures of it,i think its a great little place,we called it sheep dip crag cause it stank of shit and needed a clean.i think the name should change lol.

Richie Crouch said...

Have you got a hand drawn topo I could get hold of Chris? Got the NWB guide like but guessing the new lines aren't entirely obvious??

Doylo said...

I've always liked it up there Ianto. Its a local venue really and not to everyones tastes but is a nice spot up there.
Its fairly obvious Rich, the guide sorts you out for most of it. For Caveman low start go right back til you get to two undercuts then climb into Caveman. Batman is to the right, good luck figuring out the beta there's holds everywhere, must be 8a i think.