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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

109 V points- eat yer heart out P-Rob

Yesterday i was getting some footage on the box and ended up clocking up 109 V points (had to repeat some problems a few times). Needless to say i can feel my tips today. Grabbed the hold again on Jack the Drunk but couldn't do the next move, more finger strength required.
Today sausage came down and i tried my Mayfair proj, had my first redpoint on it but it wasn't very impressive. Psyched though. Still bit unsure bout what grade this route is, think i'm gonna opt for a hard grade though rather than a soft one, its a historic wall and doesn't need any overgrading. Later went down LPT, sausage tried Mussel Beach and i racked up this years first bad boy, never get bored of this route.


Pete Robins said...

Didn't know there were 109 problems on the box Chris!

Doylo said...

ha ha, yes theres 110 Pete, you should tear yourself away from the Cave one day and go check it out.

Doylo said...

P-Rob means paul robinson you know (reference to his fantastic day in magic wood where he clocked up 80 V points in 5 problems or summit).