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Sunday, 19 April 2009

Sea of Tranquility

I ended up resting today but went belaying down LPT. All-round hero Mule (E6 flash, F8a and Font 8a+ in ten days look at me) wanted to get back on Over the Moon Direct. This is a fantastic French 8a, highly recommended. There was a good scene down there. Tommy and Holger did Parasite 8a, often ignored but apparently very good. During Mules rest i thought i might check out the holds on Sea of Tranquility, Ben Moons 8c+ from 1994. Now he graded it 8c and in the guide it states that Neil Carson repeated it but i am lead to believe that this is a factual error and Neil did not in fact do this route. Richie Patterson and John Dunne both informed me of this when i met them on the Orme. Would be good to know for certain though. Anyone out there know for sure??? Anyway i belayed both Rich and Mcclure on this a while back. Simpson was trying it Ben Moons original way and couldn't do it. In Spain he mentioned to me that he thought this route was very hard. Steve was slightly left of the original line crimping up some footholds. He didn't do it and has yet to return. The holds are indeed woeful, very hard boulder! Its pretty cool, no LA but would be worth doing if you could hang on the holds. Mule fell off high on OTMD, he should do it next time.

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