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Saturday, 23 May 2009

Motivation Lull and Confirmation

The last few weeks have seen one of my little dips in psyche that occur from time to time. I think i addressed this is in a sunday sermon. I never worry about these dips, they are part of the game and they usually occur after a period of no work and lots of climbing. Sometimes work can be a blessing and i was psyched to go back last week as i needed the spondoolees too! Last weekend me and Mule were at Malham and in the car back we had an interesting discussion. We both realised that we are punts in our approach to climbing. We expect great things to happen without putting in the required effort and dedication. For example i have been trying Liquid Ambar a bit hoping to improve every time. In the meantime though i have been doing little training. For a mortal to climb at this level requires a lot of effort and a lot of training. Me and Mule do not train properly we simply homme around jumping from one thing to another. I know getting out on the rocks is what its all about but if you have high aspirations you have to dedicate yourslef to training like Simpson and Jerry did. This will be hard for me as i work away but i am determined to train more and become more structured. As i'm not that keen to climb outside right now this should be a good time to do it.
Inspector Awesome Mawsons tried my route Masterplan yesterday, he managed all the moves apart from the crux so it looks like 8a+ is the correct grade. I have some pics but Raymondo Wood has requested that i don't put them online yet so you will have to wait to see them. Here's one of Mawsons off my phone:

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