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Friday, 16 October 2009

Onwards and Upwards!

I'm not gonna keep boring you all with detailed blow by blow accounts of the Diamond. But today i got 6 moves from the finishing jug. Was fucked but it felt good getting so high, only a bit more fitness stopping me now. My life has revolved around this crag and this project for a while now, i'm getting poorer and poorer as i haven't been working but it will be worth it. Soon i'll be a tramp living in a cardboard box at Craig-y-don but at least i'll be a happy tramp. A couple more days left this tide, then training and maybe an excursion to a big white crag far far away.

Jon r doing a spot of bolting:


pascal said...

You're going to do it. You really are. I wasn't sure if you would wrap it up this season but it seems like you've risen to the occasion like a true champ.

Just 6 moves mate... 6 moves between you and eternal glory.

Doylo said...

I wasn't sure either Brad but things are looking quite good now. Nice one