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Monday, 21 December 2009

Halfway House!!!

I woke up this morning and cut up an old Dragon with the intention of glueing some rubber to my neoprene knee pad. Part two of the plan was to try some jeans out (extra grip!). Team Liverpool was in the Cave and i could tell it was slightly warmer. Warm and dry - a good sign. I also felt quite good warming up and had soon done Trigger Cut. The combination of knee pad under the jeans seemed to work well and i was soon at the shothole on Halfway. Knowing exactly what to do i made sure of it and crushed it into oblivion, i let out a slightly embarrassing roar (considering the place was packed). I first did Trigger Cut in 2006 and have been tinkering with Halfway ever since so it was nice to put it to bed. Shauna Coxsey almost made the first female ascent of Lou Ferrino, she's only 16 and really impressive to watch, really strong and static! She fell right at the end, i'm sure she'll be back to finish it off soon. I'm quite keen to check out some other venues now (weather dependent).

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