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Monday, 7 December 2009

Over Halfway

Blogging isn't very exciting at the moment as there is not much going on, i have been continuing my cave seige and in the last few days have improved and made a breakthrough. In the summer i dropped Halfway House after the shothole half a dozen times. I was far stronger then than i am now so it was obvious that i needed to figure something out at the end because even if i got there in my current state i would inevitably fall. So the last few sessions have all been about trying to wire Trigger Cut. I repeated the problem (only the 3rd time i've ever done it) and got some nice beta for the bit after the shot which has caused me so much trouble this year. Today i went for Halfway after doing TC and found myself at the shothole, i fell going for the last sidepull twice. An important breakthrough which means this problem is now firmly on the cards. I will rest tomorrow and then go back to it fairly confident. This must be one of the problems i've tried the most ever! At the end of today's session i fell just shy of the RA jug on Pilgrim, more progress. It just goes to show if you put the time in you get progress eventually! Have been climbing with the Robinator a fair bit, he's been trying Bonnie and Daisy From Concrete, always impressive. We even visited the box the other day and dragged ourselves up Mr Whippy, Chocolate Wall, Jack Daniels Connection, Last Orders and Last Rites. Nice to keep the finger in there. I hope your all finding bits of dry rock to climb on during these wet days, it sure is grim!

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