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Friday, 1 January 2010

Manchester Dogs Broke

Popped down to Angel Bay today and to my dismay found the starting left hand jug of Manchester Dogs had broken off. This is one of the old skool Font 8a's in wales and despite being in a hole is pretty classic. In place of the jug hold is a slopeyish crimp. I am pleased to announce that the problem is just as good but a fair bit harder. There was only really one hard move before (the move off the good right side hold). Now it is just as hard to get the right hold and the crux is a bit trickier too. I would say as it was probably soft 8a before its hard 8a now. All we need now is some beast to come and re-climb it.


lore said...

i'll be there tomorrow.
dammit chris, that was on my uk ticklist!!!

Doylo said...

your the man!