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Saturday, 16 January 2010

The Worlds Best Board Just Got Better

Have had a couple of comeback sessions in the Mill this week. Me and Nodder are getting well psyched for the place. I've always thought the 50 to be the best board i've climbed on. When Dave suggested a partial reset a while ago i was dead against it. This week though i have looked at the board with fresh eyes and it could indeed be improved. There were many nasty, stupid and badly positioned holds on the wall that needed to be taken off or re-positioned. The tufa has come down as has the snadge discs that took up so much space. We also got a box full of new holds, many of which were very nice so we wacked those on too. The top and left side is now a lot more fleshed out. All that remains is to have a session on there. Yesterday the temperature shot up 8 degrees, the Cave was sacked because of the temperature inversion and interestingly the holds in the Mill were also damp. So there may not be many tales of outdoors rock climbing on here for a bit although i'm keen for the odd day here and there. I will try and keep my finger on the pulse ormewise!


Paul Bennett said...

told you that tufa was shite

lore said...

that's how boards sould be.

Doylo said...

cant wait to get involved, i always agreed the tufa was shite