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Tuesday, 26 January 2010


I have thought a lot recently about how to plan out my climbing this year. Last year was good but it could have been even better if i knew what i know now. I learnt a lot last year about training and dieting and about my own potential. At the moment i am training quite hard and trying to fatten up to 12 stone. All this means is i eat whatever i want. I am climbing (mainly on the board) lots. In a few weeks i will start using a weight belt a bit at the wall. I have been purposely avoiding deadhanging because i know for me that this is one of the most effective excercises and i think such exercises are less effective when you do them all year round. In my opinion its about shocking the body. I really want to be climbing well in spring/summer so thats when i'll deadhang. I really hope to be able to keep the training up right until the summer if my motivation allows. I will start deadhanging in March then start dieting in April. I intend to use the weightbelt to keep my at my standard weight during my diet period so hopefully when i discard the weightbelt i will feel light as a feather. Last year i lost weight and got into really good shape. I had no idea how long it would last and was working away from home every day and not taking advantage of my ability to one arm slopey crimps. I was climbing really strong for maybe six weeks but not capitalising on it. This year i plan to crush when i feel good. I should be in a better finacial position as i move from this silly house in 2 weeks into a much more affordable place. The project list is long and varied but i'd really just like to go up a grade in sport and bouldering. I think i could have done this last year so am hopeful. Would be nice to finish this off too:

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