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Monday, 26 April 2010

Home And Dry

Well we made it back via our scheduled flight luckily. Last go psyche or shit or bust failed to get us up anything. Ben never quite made it to the mono again on Darwin (on his best effort he had fell on the move just after the mono). Wasn't meant to be this time. Sausage dropped the end of a few more things (he woz robbed). I almost gave up the will to live as my poor form continued. At the end it was just too painful, our skin could take no more. Looking back i wish i'd stuck with my original strategy, instead of trying to climb hard i should of lowered my grade and tried to build some fitness up on the longer stuff. I was tricked by feeling strong in the Cave! Oh well you live and learn.
To add insult to injury i have returned in the worst shape i've been in for ages. I ate about 16 slabs of chocolate out there, so put on 3/4 pounds. Bad bad news. In the cave today i could barely pull onto anything. Bad bad bad. The orme was minty mint though. Fresh, clear and dry. Went down LPT yesterday with mini Pickles. Hung on the crux section of the project i bolted again. It must be font 7c+ minimum, it makes the crux of Liquid Ambar look like playschool! Might have to give this one to the highest bidder in time. Will get back on it when i'm climbing strong, should have a better idea then. Nails! Good to get back to the beach though. Pete was trying Youthanasia, sounded hard!

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Paul Bennett said...

you get up anything in the end?