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Monday, 5 April 2010

A Satisfying Day

Abbed back down LPT to resin bolt the proj. It took took ages, i had the petrol drill this time but i was feeling the pressure about getting the bolt positions in appropriate places. This is a mega route after all. I placed 9 bolts and two lower off bolts. Really happy with my efforts, was quite satisfying. Normally when you bolt something you're pretty sure you're going to climb it sometime. I'm not so sure about this one as i think it may be 8c+ or 9a but i'm certainly going to give it a good go. You don't know how your climbing will progress if your motivation stays up. I never thought i'd climb 8a, and i never thought i'd climb 8b so who knows in a year or two. I would still have bolted this even if someone had told me there was no chance i would ever climb it. It will be a stellar addition to LPT one day. Nice to have such a cool proj down there too. Big Bang is 8b/+ to the infamous slab crux sequence. I don't think this will have anything as hard as that top bit of BB on it but to me it looks more sustained. Anyway i my have a go this week and see if i can hold some positions. Need to put a redtag on the first bolt too!!!!!

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Dave Redpath said...

Living the dream!