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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Fluke Day

Today i had one of those surprising days that come around every once and a while in rock climbing. I'd been feeling shit since those days in the Peak. Heavy, tired and tweaky, like a big sack of battered spuds. After a few rest days i headed down Pigeons with Mr P, Jack the Ratt and Bob the Hitman i've got a 8 and a half incher Hickish. I wanted to do Fourteen Years Later but the tide was coming in so we messed about at the other end of the beach. After trying a project we got stuck into an excellent boulder developed by the scousers a few years ago. There is a really good 7a and 7a+ with really nice holds, well worth going down for. I'd strained my forearm pulling on in the Cave on a jug and was feeling pretty shoddy in general.

Jack on In the Mix 7a:

Today i ended up in the Cave on a social and thought i'd give the place a shot. I've been saving it for beastlier times but i was intrigued to play about on a few of my projects. I did some moves on Pilgrim and then pulled on a few moves into Lou Ferrino and got right through the hard moves on Broken Heart. Blimey that felt steady i thought i might go from the start! So i did and got to my highpoint from last September, slapping the finger jug after the undercut. Surprising mutant days like this have happened before and they are normally a one off but boy it felt good slapping through those roofs. Trigger Cut was easy first go and that was that. I might be shit next time, i might not but it gives me hope that i might get a tick in there this year. Pete nearly did Clyde with a typical heel hook manouvre that not many people could do. The Hick was trying Pilgrim, Sparky Left Wall High, Katzy was playing on Directors. Its mint in there at the moment, perfect temps and dry, go get it!

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