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Sunday, 3 August 2008


I'm getting stale pulling on the same holds and doing the same moves every weekend. I need to do new moves and climb new things- they're aren't many where i live though so i'm resorting to plan B - back to the board. I intend to start training again next week at the Den and the Mill. Hopefully i'll acquire the type of strength that Herculean greats dream about and i can go out and crush blocs easily. We'll see.
Oh yeah and i paid 6 quid for a double vodka and coke last night in a certain drinking establishment- outrageous!

1 comment:

lore said...

that's what you deserve if you drink vodka and coke. gin and coke is far better imho. we call it "the fool".
oh, i payed 12 euros yesterday for a glass of talisker. it was a big glass tho.