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Sunday, 3 August 2008

Your Sunday Sermon - Climbing Vs Work

A problem facing every committed rock climber is trying to decide how much to work and how much time he should commit to trying to excel at climbing. Everyone needs a certain amount of spondolees but it is traditional for the obsessed rock climber to work as little as possible in order to try and reach their potential. Obviously there are exceptions to the rule. The likes of Dr Tony Mitchell (8c redpointer from Yorkshire) achieved great things within the restraints of working full time. The majority of us however will try and keep work to a minimum to live the climbing life. However there are pitfalls to this. No one wants to get to an old age without a pot to piss in - no house, no pension, no career, no savings! Who wants this! And so a balance must be found. I would say one can do what they want until say there mid 20s but around that time they must start to think of the future and realise that climbing will probably not always be the highest priority in their lives. Obviously the priviledged few (Sharma, Graham etc..) earn a decent wad to live the climbing life. These individuals are extremely lucky. The rest of us need to consider our options and plan for the future. Happy cranking!
Ladies and Gentleman the great Jerry Moffatt:

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