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Friday, 22 August 2008


After ages of going backwards i finally tasted success on my pill box project today. Yesterday i twatted my thumb with a hammer at work so i thought it was game over. Anyway i crushed it today with Dense spotting my back - it felt easy. The mysteries of climbing eh! Oh yeah the linkup of Malteser/Last Rites rates 8a (maybe a hard one?). Off to belfast now to visit Irish Si and his lady wife with bonse and inspector.


wildnis said...


the picture above is a copyright protected image by Rolf Hicker Photography.
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The image above is from Rolf Hicker's collection of travel photography and was shot during a Maibaum celebration in Bavaria Germany.
Please check out Rolf's travel photography website for more pictures from around the world:
travel photography hy Rolf Hicker.

lore said...

fine, but how hard rolf hicker can climb?

Ghostface said...

And what's he ever done on the box?

Nice work sweet cheeks!

bonjoy said...

Effort sir! Here's to project crushing! *raises foaming ale in hearty salute*