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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Ticking Along

I have spent the last week enjoying myself ticking a few nice routes around these parts. Sausage came over and did Masterplan, c'est classique! I've done some nice routes recently that i would recommend including Martha 7c, The Bearded Clam 7a+, Plagued by Fools 7b+, El Tigre 7b, Down by the Sea 7a+. Also tried Moffatts' Oyster 7c+ yesterday. This has a seriously hard move, you get a painful awkward jam with your right hand and do one hell of a powerful move. Its essentially a one move route but wowzer what a move! I wouldn't normally wanna spend multiple days on a 7c+ but i might make an exception for this one, would be great to do it!
Some pics, Pete Harrison on Plagued by Fools:

Jordan trying Carinthian Groove:

Some bolts and resin for some ormes re-equippping:

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