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Friday, 7 May 2010


Managed a fun new training link downstairs today. Melancopout starts up Melancholie to the undercuts then steps right and finished up Bad Boy. I'm giving it soft 8a+, its probably 8a to the undercuts. Was quite chuffed mainly because i've only got through the start of Melancholie once or twice since i did it almost 6 years ago so felt good. Was an all out effort though, luckily managed to get enough back on the jug of BB to finish it. Am determind to get Melancholie wired with the end result hopefully being the Melancholie/Pas de Deux link- seems a long way at the moment though. So this was a good one to start with even though its not really that significant. Was good nick today, perfect temps and dry.


Jack said...

Hey Chris, did Throbber tell you I am doing a new RF guide?

Will start on LPT next week.

Doylo said...

yeah he did. Is it a select guide? Any idea as to when it will be complete?

Jack said...

It will be out spring 2011.

It won't be a comprehensive guide, but not a total select either - like a cross.

All major crags covered, and all the routes on those crags.

Very minor crags not covered, but put online.

I am psyched for it. I want a picture of you in it.

Doylo said...

sounds good, plenty of time to get some more projects done then