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Monday, 17 May 2010

Team Scotland Hit The Orme

Floppy on Crucial:

The amazing weather and conditions continue on the Ormes. Five scottish based hommes have been down having it large on the lime. Will almost flashed Rockatrocity and Malc fell off the VERY last move of Louis Armstrong. Will and Malc also did what are probably the 2nd and 3rd ascents of the low start to Beaver Direct 7c+. Downstairs the guys were on Bad Boy and Statement. I ended up grabbing the last draw on my link, i was too boxed to clip it and i was too gripped to skip another clip as the one on the lip moves and it would be a screamer onto it. Another improvement though and such good training. Psyched for sport climbing! Sausage got on Pas de Deux and almost flashed all the individual moves. Last year i watched Simpson, Pete, Danny, Holger, Ioan try it and not one of them did all the moves. This led me to believe it was quite hard and hence the upgrade. Well sausage seemed to find it alright, he didn't get it done though cos his skin was a bit shit. I'm still hoping it settles at soft 8b as i've seen sausage crush hard moves on bouldery 8b's really quickly before. I spose it just needs a few more actual ascents. Personally i was convinced it was at least as hard and probably harder than Zeke. Anyway we'll see. Sausage thought the top sequence was Font 7b+, i thought it could of been 7c. Its good that everyones still psyched for LPT although its not so good for awkward buggers like me trying to link routes together!!
Malc crushing Beaver Direct low start:

Will on Bad Boy:

The old king and the original Ormesman Colin Goodey (one of the first men to climb on the Orme):


Richie Crouch said...

Strong efforts on the BC direct sitter, a tricky move!

I hope you have bleached the blue mat before team scouse descends upon the cave once again tomorrow ;)

Doylo said...

no but i did have a wank on it