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Thursday, 3 June 2010


I have spent the last 2 days climbing at the Cheedale cornice. This place isn't often dry so i thought i'd go check it out as i hadn't been for years and the tide was in anyway. Met the Hamer boys and Char down there. Me and Char got on Powerplant, a classic 8a with a hard perplexing crux. First go up was shit for both of us then i got the crux sorted and got through it first redpoint before fumbling and powering out on the upper wall. I didn't stick the crux move again that day. Next day i fumbled the top wall again. The crux i always felt good on but never executed the move consistently. Basically it brought it home that i'm not clinical enough. I should have done this route, must improve!!! Char and Sam dispatched:
Char on Powerplant

Andy Hutch on K3:

Mcclure was at Dogs Dinner Buttress. He repeated Pedigree Chum the other day and was now trying the extended low start which adds perhaps another 8c/+ at the end. Pretty meaty, i got some footage of a 'training go'! Always a pleasure watching world class climbers operate:

Mcclure warmed down on Powerplant, i was knacked so buggered off home. Back to the drawing board!

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