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Monday, 28 June 2010

The Now and the Next

Whilst working the Temple i kept telling myself that when i did it i would do my best to enjoy not only the moment but also the aftermath. Too many of us climbers spend days, weeks and months desiring a specific moment (i.e. completing our projects), yet when we achieve this often the mind skips straight to the next project. For myself i know i do not spend enough time enjoying the satisfaction of completing a tricky redpoint. Its totally crazy really! Over the weekend whilst enjoying my tick i consumed:
1 box of Jelly Babies.
1 Key Lime Pie
1 Pizza
Lots of Galaxy Caramel
Bags of Fizzy Sweets
3 Milkshakes

Feeling pretty sugared out now but was nice to get this out my system after a pretty strict eating regime. I got pretty stressed on Temple so now i'm trying to relax a bit, got a few things here and there to do but the main plan is to get back to what i was doing i.e. trying to redpoint 8a's and 8a+s. Need to build up the redpoint fitness as Diamond season is approaching and i have some business there that needs completing.
Back at the Dullas Temple didn't have to wait long for its 2nd ascent. Pete nipped in on his way to Yokshire for a first redpoint tick. Yesterday Neil got it too on his 8th redpoint. At the end of my seige he spent a few days doing links and getting it wired. Good effort lads!

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