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Saturday, 31 July 2010

Christopher Doyle Progress Report

The foot was taken off the gas on the training front this week as i had to endure the slight inconvenience of going to work. I climbed in the Mill on Monday and had a 'comeback' sesh today. Have been hammering the circuits for about 3 weeks now, have definitely made some progress on the PE front. I'm feeling the need to get on the stone soon though. Need to make sure that what i have been doing will translate to actual endurance outside. I really hope i haven't been pissing in the wind! On paper i should be fitter but you never know with this sport. My main concern at the moment however isn't if i'm getting fitter or not its the inability of my arms to haul me up hard moves. I am bizzarely weak at the moment and despite bouldering on the steep board i'm just not getting any stronger. For the 2nd half of my Diamond project i need fitness, for the first half although i don't need to be a power monster it is always very helpful if you can turn on the afterburners when you hit a hard move. Anyway i need to get on rock to see where i'm at on the fitness front. Hopefully i'll soon be stronger soon too, i need to be. The weather needs to sort itself out too, the Diamond is a fickle beast and any humidity or dampness in the air is bad news. The good conditions ratio is about 1 day in 3. The bird ban comes off August 15th so lets hope for some sunny weeks around then.

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