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Sunday, 4 July 2010

Psyche Low

Since the new routes at the Dulas i have hit a bit of a lull. Psyched fluctuation's are normal over the course of a climbers year. You can't be bouncing off the walls all the time. This often will occur after getting a project done, you spend weeks living for a moment and after it comes sometimes you go onwards and upwards to the next one and sometimes you have to take a chill pill for a bit. I went climbing a few times last week. Once down LPT and once in the Cave. LPT wasn't too bad, although i couldn't really be arsed. The cave however was awful, i couldn't even be bothered to hold on long enough to complete a problem! Also its pretty hot right now and theres not much local i actually want to do. The main factor however is that i need to get some fuckin reddies. Poor is not the word. My next big focus is the Little Orme in August and to be honest i know what i need to do to get into shape for it. Rock climbing is always good for fitness but i reckon you never get the same intensity as you can by some specific training. I need to be able to complete hard 40 move power endurance. So i may use this drop in motivation to get into the Mill keep my finger in strength wise and get down with some intense PE training. I shall hopefully return fit and psyched and ready for battle! So things might not be as lively on the blogging front in the next month but i shall try and keep any orme news flowing. Keep crushing hombres!