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Saturday, 10 July 2010

Specificity is the key

This week i have been to the Mill a few times and down LPT twice doing some laps on BB. I spent a session setting and refining a 40 move circuit. The Mill is great for this as you can cross all 3 boards. At the moment i'm just trying it from 8 moves in. Haven't quite got it yet. The feeling it gives your forearms is great! The moves are pretty easy (but its steep) so you can fight until you literally can't hold on any longer. This is what i need. I'm keen to work up to doing it from the start and then i can either try and lap it or make it harder! I've got time on my side before Diamond season so with 5 weeks of intense sessions hopefully i'll be up to the job! 3 weeks before i will start the DD plan (deadhang and diet). I could also do with getting a bit stronger, am currently woefully weak on the board. Pete did Pantons project in Split Infinity, Simon Says, 8a.

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