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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Here we go

I went back to Three Degrees of Levitation the other day to give it a belay. It now shares a belay with the project to the left that i bolted last year and tried a few times. The climbing involves long reaches on very small holds - too small for me! I might have to enlist a North Wales slatehead to do this one. I bet it turns out to be 7c+! Anyway the crag is nearing completion but i have two more lines to check out. Then we jumped ship to the latest find. Tony abbed a line and placed a bolt at the top. I had a top rope, my first climb since early November. Two months off climbing may not be unusual for a lot of people but it is a long time for me. It was nice being back on the stone, top of the route was a really nice wallclimb. At the top i transferred to the ab rope and came down checking one of the meaty lines. It was really hard to see if it would go from the ground, i placed a bolt and found a sequence that should work. Really cool route, need to bolt it all now. Crag development is hard work. Cleaning, chopping your way through vegetation and bolting all take it out of you. This day reminded me how much i like hanging out at the crag with pals. A climbing day isn't just about moving on rock. I like getting home feeling worked after being out all day.
Today i went to the Indy for my first proper climbing session. For those who don't know the Indy is a climbing wall on a military base on Anglesey and has the best indoor bouldering in North Wales. Perfect for getting back into it. It wasn't long before my feet, skin, tendons and forearms were aching! I managed a few V2s so hadn't dropped that much. I might start having a couple of months off every year to rest the body and mind. Its certainly been beneficial in getting my mojo back recently.

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