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Friday, 7 January 2011

A World of Opportunity!

After saying in my last post that i wanted to knuckle down and tick something hard i'm not so sure now. I had been thinking about some new routes that i wanted to try and today i've been on a mission with Tony all over the shop looking at untouched white limestone. One of the reasons i like North Wales is that it isn't completely climbed out like most the English sport crags and there are still whole crags with nothing on them. Found this cool Frankenjura style bouldering cave with a handful of problems:

Theres also a meaty crag nearby with some big roofs so keen to check that out too. Then we headed down another valley full of crags and found some good stuff including some very hard looking sport climbs.

All i need now is for some expansion bolt company to sponsor me!
At least i've got plenty of reasons to start again.


Lee Proctor said...

Hi Chris,

I checked all the rock out in that valley over Xmas after a tip off from Mule. The crags are not as impressive up close as they appear from the road plus access seems really dodgy. There is definitely scope for some super hard Dulas-esque stuff in the lower cave complex but the rest is best left alone. Keep me posted with progress. Lee

Richie Crouch said...

That grotty cave looks amazing :D

Good find!