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Monday, 7 February 2011


I was trawling through the archives when i came across some footage of my strongest moment of last year. I remember i had just come up from finishing bolting The Big Crunch on LPT and was expecting to be completely knackered but in actual fact felt really light and had a new high point in the Cave. Such sustained hardness seems alien now but its some inspiration to look back on.


Dave Redpath said...

Whats with the sagging off at the end... ? I still can't get off the ground on TC but I'm short :( What grades does that link go at? - looks ace!

Doylo said...

I was so powered out i couldn't finish it. You need to stack the pads til you can reach the first holds comfortably. The grounds dropped massively. The links not been done but it felt like it would be 8a+ even with kneebars. Certainly a lot harder than Halfway House (but thats probably 7c+ these days ;). Brilliant sustained climbing anyway