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Sunday, 27 February 2011

A Trifle Lazy

I was glad to be back at work this week as the finances were getting rather stretched to say the least. The plan was to cane the training after work. I did some pull ups the first night but faded the rest of the week. I just couldn't be arsed! Pascal was on the beastmaker for and hour and a half every night and i was sat down eating trifle. I just enjoy sitting down and couldn't make myself do it. If there had been a board i would have been all over it but sometimes i struggle with motivation for pull up bars and fingerboards. I knew it was bad news and wasn't expecting much from climbing yesterday. Headed to Three Degrees Crag with Spidey. This place has been seeing a lot of use by the locals who are loving it. A few were there yesterday including Dave who works at my old haunt Prestatyn Leisure Centre. This was the first climbing wall i started using, me and the Cattells had some meaty stamina circuits. Dave has climbed on this crag quite a bit over the years top roping bits and bobs, he climbed here with Andy Boorman and Andy Pollitt as far back as the 70s. Spidey got stuck into Clitoris Allsorts and got it bagged.

I tried my remaining project there, a boulder problem on a rope affair. I had tried it briefly before but it was a bit too powerful. Yesterday i spent a bit longer on it and did the moves. Need more strenght to link it though. The holds and the moves are ace.

Then we jumped ship to its neighbour where i have two more projects. One is a meaty roof and corner which i had tried a few times but not done all the moves. This time i got the moves quite quickly and some links. It didn't feel quite as hard as i had first thought and i discovered some better beta. It is flippin brilliant though and it feels ace to climb on. Should go down pretty soon.

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