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Friday, 24 October 2008

Anyone recognise this man?

Whilst at Richie Hawtin last week i was groped in the bogs by some dirty man. Well i've found a picture of him on the net. If anyone could give me information that leads to the arrest of this sex beast please do so. Be careful though as you can tell from the picture he is mentally deranged, he still thinks he's living in the 1980s!


lore said...

casually, he looks very like to a man who came out from a bush in fontainebleau last spring, at late evening, asking me "yo man, fancy a massage to your hardened muscle?"
i dropped the pads and escaped.

Chris Doyle said...

You did right!

Ghostface said...

I received the same groping that night! How strange that I used to have a jumper that looked just like his vest. I can't for the life remember what happened to it though. Last I remember I was at a nightclub and this muscley young stallion came up and offered me a drink. Naturally I thanked him and took a sip from the glass. Next thing I knew, I was back in the noughties less my jumper and not a memory remains from that night.

bonjoy said...

I didn't know Paul Mitchell was into techno!