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Friday, 31 October 2008

From Llandudno to Bellinzona

Well i'm off! Today i depart for Riccardo Simpsons gaff in Birmingham. Tonight we will celebrate Halloween with some of the city's finest totty. Tommorrow i catch the late ferry and then i will either climb a little bit in font or drive straight to Swizzy. I am in ok shape, if i am going to climb the things i really want to i will have to get a lot stronger, but thats why i've got a one way ticket. In Hueco i was significantly stronger at the end. I'm starting from a higher place this time so feel excited. It is a step into the unknown for me, i have high hopes but modest expectations. I am going to have to be strategic and pick the right problems if i am going to return with a healthy ticklist. The curse of 8a bloc has already been lifted from my shoulders so without that pressure hopefully i will perform. The purpose of my trip is threefold. First i want to crush many hard high quality blocs. Secondly i want to get lots of decent footage for my next film, i have started work on this already. And thirdly i want to gain the physchical attributes to crush Wales on my return. I have many projects that i'm just not strong enough to do at the mo, Halfway being an example. I hope all your climbing aspirations are realised here in the UK, crush my friends.
Finally i would like to wish Miss Nell Cattell good luck in her new job which she starts on Monday. These are the two main reasons i like to go round the Cattells:


Anonymous said...

sid looks more grey these days

lore said...

doctor doylo,
may continental europe be an endless source of pleasure. i really envy the one way ticket. needless to say, give a call whenever you want, for everything (legal).

Chris Doyle said...

Lore get yourself up to ticino for some cranking, keep in touch bro

nell said...

YYEEESSSSS!! We've finally made it- the hound sends his regards!! Thanks Chris, have an awesome time, climb hard and achieve lots x