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Sunday, 11 January 2009

Climbing and footage

Nice shot of fata Morgana by Ben Pritch.

Went to Lakes yesterday with Panto, Mondo an Hock for a stone circles mission. We hit Gillercombe area with Gregory Chapmale an Tomo. First up we checked out Gregorys new additions at the sour milk crag, very nice specially the Cloud Chambers stuff. Was too cold and windy up the hill at Gillercombe and i kept going arse over tit on the ice in my shit sneaks. Ray ran out of petrol on the M6 on way home which wasn't cool! No it wasn't.
Anyway i have seen some dismaying footage recently. Firstly Hock showed me Leroy falling off on the jugs of In Hell/RA/Clyde. Frankly one of the most dismaying things i've ever seen, very dismaying. I hope he does it i really do. Will be the caves hardest for sure.
I also watched Dave Macleod repeat Simo's route A Muerte 9a at Siurana. After speaking to Simmo i iwas assured that Macleod was very strong on this route. He knows the route well and was very impressed. So i would like to pay homage to Macleod - what a beast!


Ghostface said...

All well and good but where's my Sunday Sermon!!!!?

Doylo said...

piss off