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Sunday, 18 January 2009

London Living

Well reality has well and truly kicked back in now as i'm back at work. This time on the Royal Courts of Justice on the Strand. Not hating the city as much as i thought i would. Its not too bad as yet. Anyway i hope to catch up with Welsh exile the Huffdog next week. I may drag him to a climbing wall, i'm also keen to check out the local talent but we shall see. Climbing wise i'm psyched to train but obviously this is tricky working away. Halfway is still a priority, tried it this weekend, feels good when i feel strong. Pete was trying it today, he was taking the swing like a man so i thought i'd try it. Managed the 'swing' first go which was a shock. Pete should get it next sesh - a man in form! I'm going to admit it, when he did Pools i was shocked, but psyched for him at the same time. After all every beast in Britain must of tried that at some stage. Anyway i love the climbing on Halfway (apart from that one sodding move!) so trying it doesn't feel like to much of a chore. I think i'm going to stick to my undercut, heel beta though cos it allows you to really adjust and get the slot good. Sausage did TC yesterday,
good work. I also had a return to form on the Box, felt light there yesterday and had a burn on Jack the Drunk, it is the main priority on there. Sausage and ted did Last Rites which was interesting for me. They both pissed it, it seems its soft for the grade although Sausage knows how to bone and Ted has flashed Dangerous Brothers so no surprise he pissed it. After i went to see if there was any bouldering potential at the Hole of Creation on the Little Orme, i almost got blown off into the sea. Anyway there isn't but the Magic Flute 7c looked so good, straight out of Seynes. Needs rebolting though.

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