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Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Home Sweet Home

Well i'm back, after two months of snow and wet feet i'm safely back in mighty holywell. The day i left Cresciano, Mick cemented his position as a world player by crushing Confessions 8b+ in a single sesh. Gobsmacking! I arrived in font to prime conditions, by the time i'd got into it though i was feeling too knackered to tick much. Despite not getting much ticked this was probably the best i've ever climbed in the forest. I was actually holding slopers well, a strabge phenomenon for me. Highlights include almost doing Berezina and tickling the pocket on Fata Morgana (great bloc!). I'm well psyched to go back now sometime for an extended peiod. It truly is the worlds best bouldering. Anyway i've just walked through the door and am knackered. I must get some beauty sleep, the orme awaits tomorrow, oh how i have missed the place! Finally i would like to say a few words of praise for my little Nissan. I'm so proud of you girl for not letting me down once on the trip. Bless!

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