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Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Court tomorrow

Tomorrow i'm up in court for not having an MOT. When asked if i have anything to say i intend to shout at the judge that he shouldn't mess with the higher powers. I will explain i am in allegiance with the G and as they take me down for contempt of court i will shout "praise G", "praise G" til my voice fails.
Today i was reunited with the Orme, i ran into the Cave with tears streaming down my face and gave it a little kiss. Then i had my best ever go on Halfway, hopefully it wasn't a fluke and it will go down soon.


pascal said...

you were going to court for an MOT? I thought you said it was for something far more sinister that you didn't dare write about on your blog. Or have I said too much?

Chris Doyle said...

A poxy 150 quid fine, and they looked so smug.