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Sunday, 25 January 2009

Crap on a train!

Went to the Westaway down London town last week. Was ok, felt bit sick so didn't last long. The bouldering was pretty good but as i already knew- not my scene. When it comes to training all i'm interested in in a small overhanging bit of wood full of good varied holds. I don't need a million square metres of set problems. I'm also a bit biased cos i'm so unbelievably bad at problems in commercial bouldering walls, i always have been so ii find the experience demoralising especially when it costs a tenner to get in, i mean really! Anyway i caught up with a few people including Ty, the Huffdog and underground leg Liam Halsey, another one of those British beasts who's relatively unknown. I've known Liam for years always seen him around at the crags and he was in Hueco too. Funny guy. Anyway back up North for the weekend. Kicked off with a sesh at Tremerchion, i wasn't feeling it. John Maskell did probably the 2nd ascent of Danny's 36 Chambers 7c. I headed to the cave and the box, i later found out that Old skool legend ben pritch nailed TC- great effort mate. The new Box crew were round the headland. Kingy is working his way through many of the links there. Saturday he did my problems The Malteser and Drink Driving/Ain't No Party both 7c, really nice to see this wall getting some attention. I reckon Ted could be a candidate for the 3 harder problems (Gaskins not included obviously). Malteser /Last Orders 7c+, Malteser/Last Rites 8a and Drink driving 8a+ all await second ascents as far as i know. Go for it Ted! Today i once again couldn't be arsed so me and the Cypriot had a sesh on his board, very enjoyable and eye opening. I realised i'm through with outdoor bouldering at the mo, i'm keen to train and improve. Having access to 3 quality training venues in north wales makes this easy. Here's some shots:
Ty and his new motor in Kensington:

The legend of Huff:

Huff the streetfighter:

The major of London, neil 'gresh' gresham:

Look what i've got to work with:

Long time no see- Spidey:

I got on a national rail train and could instantly smell crap, as i walked down the aisles this is what i found:

Very disgusting, i took a seat a few places down and sat and watched peoples reactions as they first noticed it- i was in stitches! ha ha

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