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Friday, 6 February 2009


I was shocked when i checked my Inbox, a lot of people want DVDS. I have no idea who looks at this blog as i don't bother with the tracking software and all that crap. I don't care who reads it. But yes its nice that people out there are psyched for it. A lot of the names in my Inbox i remember from when i released West Coast Gimps, four years ago. Its nice that my films have some sort of following, cheers guys. Anyway a lot of people are after multiple DVDs. I'm happy to do this but it is very time consuming, each DVD is burnt individually so when one person wants five discs it takes time. Luckliy i have been off work this week cos of the snow so i'm currently getting as many sorted as i can. The first lot have been sent away so you should receive them soon (apart from you foreigners out there). Also i keep running out of DVDS and packaging (i keep having to buy every padded envelope on the shelf in Cresta,Holywell). With the new set of DVDs i have to check them to make sure they are burning properly. Unfortunately the quality of the disc seems to vary from manufacturer to manufacturer! Anyway hopefully you'll all receive your discs soon and they will work sweeter than a colony of bees. Enjoy!

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Paul Bennett said...

why not tick them on a torrent Doylo and then everybody can share the love at their own expense?