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Monday, 23 February 2009

Let it begin

Training a lot doesn't really make for good reading on a climbing blog. It all gets a bit samey,'went down the wall tried this project' etc... Well thats what i've been doin apart from work. Last week was spent in East Ham, a bit of a shithole (sorry if anyone from East Ham reads this). Me and the Inspector were doing some work on a falling down church:

Next weekend i start the weekend work so now i'm keen to get stuck into my training. The deadhang board will hopefully be going up soon in the new digs and i'm keen to get to the new Den and Matts board aswell as the Mill. Might even start doing some training on the orme now i'm a local. Ironically i haven't been yet since i moved. I have set three hard projects on the Mill 50, i reckon they will weight in at 7b+. One i can defo do so thats good, the others will probably take a bit more doing. Me and Nodder were talking today about our desire to get to the next level. This is obviously tricky when you have been climbing for as long as we have, in my case some things have improved others have got worse but the general standard hasn't improved much. We'll see how things stand in a month or two. Went to the superboulder with Matt, Nodder and Jack the other day. Hadn't been for 6 years so it was nice to see it again, i did a sitter to a one move 7a called the Crack, took a while to work out the feet, very bony and vertical, uhhhhh! Maybe an FA? Sorry to the last people who asked for discs but i'm struggling to burn them at the mo, power callibration failure or something, anyone know what this means??

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