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Saturday, 14 February 2009

Moving, Den and Fame at last!

This weekend i am moving to Penrhyn Bay, Llandudno. This is a great step for me cos i will be a lot closer to the action. Closer to the Ormes, the mountains and the mill! Hopefully this will benefit my climbing. I'm sure it will also be nice to have my own gaff with all my wordly belongings in one place. Today i am shifting a load of furniture and then i'm going to climb somewhere. So if any hombres are in the region from now on you must pop in to Doylo towers for a cup of tea and a homemade scone.
DVD wise i have sent them all out now (hope i haven't missed anyone!). I've had a couple more recent requests but these folk will have to wait till i'm sorted. Thanks for all your interest anyway, it means a lot.
Yesterday me, Dan and mule stripped the Denbigh Den and started resetting it. We have taken off all the nasty holds and brought all the nice ones into the centre. The Den was a great facility which yielded some great classics but things were stale. We all needed a change - i was at my wits end with it. Looking at it now there were a lot of nasty holds which are now gonners. My climbing has changed considerably, i no longer want to pull on tiny wooden crimps when training, this is no longer fun. I have started climbing on a lot more fat pinches and bony undercuts, much more fun. Anyway with the Den, the Mill and matts board Wales is well equipped for training facilities. The new era of the Den has begun.
Finally i was shocked and disgusted to find out Gresham was not on the front cover of Climber this month. Instead it was this punter:

Ha ha! Fame at last!


Richie Crouch said...

Haha, I bought a copy because of the sexy cover model! (and on a lesser scale...for the Gillercombe bit too ;))

Colette said...

Looking Good! Cheers for the DVDs. Great work.