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Sunday, 15 February 2009

Rock the Mill!

Managed to get the mill twice this weekend. Saturday was a write off as i spent the whole time moving and sorting shit out. Cheers to the Cattells, for arriving two hours late. Anyway i'm set up in Penrhyn Bay, today i spent bout 700 notes on a few things but most importantly on a 42 inch tele.I wanna see West Coast Gimps on the big screen!
Ted glued the Pill Box hold and made the second ascent of my Malteser/Last Rites 8a. I regard this as the 2nd hardest problem i've ever done. Ted seemed to make mincemeat of it. He also did Pit Of and Cave Life in the same day- good shit mate! Drink driving next!
I'm still having a ball in the Mill. I realise however that this is still the honeymoon period, because i haven't trained for so long improvements are coming quickly. I expect in a few more weeks to plateau and then the real task begins. In the old days in the school i used to slog along at the same old standard for months old end seeing little improvement. All that training is not for nothing. It all kicks in eventually! Today was a dream sesh, i did about six 7's. Two new 7b's and some 7a+s and 7as. I also set two harder problems which could be potential 7b+s. In the Den i only did one 7b+, god they were hard. I think though that the angle of the Mill suits me more so the grade is undoubtedly more attainable in there for me. Danny has done a 7c in there so i can use this too measure my problems by. Back to London tomorrow though! Bastard!

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