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Friday, 10 July 2009

Jack the Drunk

In 2007 i completed a traverse on Pill Box Wall called Drink Driving. Today it received its first repeat from myself, i also added a harder start to create a new link up. Drink Driving started up a font 7a, my new link starts up a tough Font 7b/7b+ called Jack Daniels Connection. It then joins Drink Driving and follows it to the end. Drink Driving i think is soft Font 8a+/hard French 8b+. Jack the Drunk is mid Font 8a+/French 8c and thus the hardest bit of climbing i've ever done. Not a major new line but a personal milestone. I probably worked up to this ascent over 50 or 60 days. Today i felt slim, the hard climbing felt ok but i nearly fell on the V5 finish when my arms melted!.The good news is that the big Pill box link up is still to go and this will be very nails, sustained to the max.
View some pics of original Drink driving here:

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