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Sunday, 26 July 2009

Zeke the Freak

Friday i went down LPT with Pete, Rachel and the Muledawg. I actually got some decent redpoints in on Pas de Deux, i felt more solid on the moves but still didn't quite manage the link. Pete did some good links on LA. Mule is looking good on the Walking Mussel but he's off to Ceuse next week to get pumped. Next day i headed to Rubicon on a day hit to meet Lincoln. I was keen for Zeke again so tried to get there relatively early. The drive was two hours, Lincoln was waiting in his Audi TT, flash bastard!. I was soon through the crux on a early redpoint but i was still learning the route and cocked it up. I got through the crux again only to cock it up again and then on my 5th redpoint after the good conditions had long gone i managed to scrape my way to the top - a proper pulling out the bag type affair! Mule turned up and managed it 2nd RP, we thought soft 8b probably was applicable. A classic route more importantly and one that i'd always wanted to do. Interestingly Pas de deux feels harder than Zeke to me. Part of me thinks it would be a shame to upgrade it but the other half thinks well if its 8b give it that grade. Time will tell!
I went bouldering today and Huffy confirmed i have a slightly tweaked pulley. Its not stopping me at the mo but i must be careful.


Paul Bennett said...

Nice to hear the Salad is paying off. Even with more beer, pizza and ice cream I've scraped 2.8 kg off my scrawny self already... My extra small harness was too big when I bought the damn thing.

Doylo said...

Hi Paul, hope all is well over there. yeah my harness has obviously loosened off a fair bit recently. I must say after losing a stone without even being overweight really i have since lost all sympathy for fat people.

Paul Bennett said...

yeah its going well... jura now, its a bit warm and a little damp but eldorado is dry so I'm set for a while I reckon. Austria was good but Schleier was in a right state, the RHS is all as polished as sardine trav and the left was covered in dirt.