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Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Liquid Robbins!

Managed to finish work in Swindon early today so headed home pronto. Popped in to see Danny C who had just come back from Ceuse, he was heading out to the Orme so i thought i'd join him. When i pulled up at the Cave Petes van was there and i knew what that meant. Sure enough as i looked down to the beach there he was setting off on Liquid Ambar. I watched intensely. Despite being so far away i could see every move, he got to the top section in record time and i got excited but wasn't sure if he would pull it out the bag or not. He did, the screams confirmed it. The fourth ascent of LA (after only 20 years). A great effort. Cool to see someone local do this classic route too. You will be able to see the footage on Dave Brown's forthcoming Welsh film. Me and Danny made our way down there to congratulate him, i guess relief and elation must have been the order of the day! Pete warmed down with the second ascent of Moonwalk. My mini crisis subsided slightly when i got back on Pas De and could do the moves again. I had a decent go, getting to the redpoint crux again. Hope is not lost after all. Danny did Bad Boy (just!) he'd never done it before and then got on the Pas De is hard bandwagon after he had a quick go. Then it got dark. Man of the moment:

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