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Friday, 20 August 2010

Pigeons Re-equipping

A few months ago the seed was planted in my mind to have another look at Pigeons Cave with view to regearing it. For some reason i'd always dismissed this place despite the attractive grade span and unique horizontal nature. I realised this was a mistake when i first went down to try Stark. Stiff Upper Lip and Follow the Prof looked great fun and Stark turned out to be a great route. I had done the 7b Koo before and that was dead good. So i sent out an email to see what resources the bolt fund had at the moment. Nearly all the resin bolts had been used to regear LPT. Pete Harrison sent out a group email and we got some more funds in through donations. Pete isn't one to mess about so he ordered 35 bolts to re-equip the place. They soon arrived and today we went and stuck new lower offs in the routes left of Stark. All that remains now is to rebolt the routes and get on them. The bolts are amazing 12mm twisty stems, very diddy indeed. Which makes drilling much less arduous!

Tiny bolts:

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