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Thursday, 26 August 2010


After the doom and gloom of the last post this one should be a bit more cheery! Had a really good day down the Diamond. Just me and Mule down there tonight and once again we were spoilt by good conditions. Not had a bad day down there yet, starting to think we imagined the grease of last year! I was feeling strangely confident. Strategy wise i was in a bit of a catch 22 situation. If i fell low down i really needed to pull back on and bust out a link for fitness purposes. However this would tire me for the next redpoint. I figured at this stage of the game that it would be more beneficial to save my strength and try and get through the crux section. If i could, this would do my confidence the world of good and the whole thing would not feel quite so daunting. 1st RP my heel slipped off frustratingly. Next burn up i crushed the crux and fell on a big move just shy of the pre-redpoint crux shakeout. I was inches from getting to last years highpoint. I fell there again on my next go, i was feeling fit and this was just the session i needed. Mule had a good first session on Never Get Out of the Boat getting a good pump on. Alas that is probably the last time i'll make it down until the next tidal window. Can't wait!

Photo by Matt Pickles:

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