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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Sweaty Diamond

More Diamond action today as a big team descended on the steepness. Once again it was factor low on the grease front. I felt a bit more at home on my project today, should have made it through the crux really. I'm in a bit of a strange situation on it. I'm keen to go from the ground and see how high i can get but at the same time if i fall on the crux its because its hard and not because i'm pumped. Today when i fell i continued some linkage to the top but of course this then tires you more for the next go! Think i'll just keep on like this for a few more sessions. Once i start getting through the crux i'll just keep redpointing for the ground as this will provide sufficient pump. Boat People got a few ascents and onlookers were quite shocked as Dyer failed to flash Never Get Out of The Boat, must be hard! Later the sun came on the crag which was nice in a way but a bit sweaty also. Last year we didn't make it there til September and the evening sun wasn't quite as warm. I could resist no longer and had a rather shit flash burn on Boat People, not much left in the tank and i was soon hanging! We cut it a bit fine getting out, had to go down to bare feet to make it to the escape corner. Jeez those barnacles were sharp!

Ray escaping:

Neil on the 8a:


Mark McGowan said...

Diamond looks stunning Chris.

Doylo said...

yeh it is. You should recruit Mr Smith and come down for a play! I'll even clean the kitchen floor!