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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Unscrambling the Physche

I would liken my recent loss of motivation to a computer system suffering a massive crash. The effect is instant but recovery is not and often takes a bit of time to unravel the damage thats been done. At its worst i could no longer see the point of rock climbing and felt i was just going through the motions by doing something that i felt like i should rather than wanting to do it. I've had such feelings before but it just happened to be particularly bad timing this year with the onset of Diamond season. It is horrible when something that is such a massive part of your life seems momentarily pointless. And the worst thing is you can't force your way back, the psyche has to return naturally. Anyway despite all this i've been enjoying the early Diamond sessions, its hard not to get a bit of an urge to climb at this place. I stuck another step on the road to recovery today by getting a tick. Haven't had one of those for a while! Went down Pigeons and after warming up on Koo managed to dispatch Stark finally, felt fine too which made it all the more sweeter. Had that spring in my stride walking out that you only get from clipping a chain. Pete and Nodder continued the re-equipping work. Nodder learnt how to bolt on Koo and Pete started on Stiff Upper Lip and Follow the Prof. These need completing, we'll probably have to get a big ladder down there to finish them. The old bolts are so rusty we can't even use them to clip into to keep us in while we bolt, they just disintegrate!
Pete drilling Stiff Upper Lip:

Nodder on Koo, very fun 7b on big holds:

The boys and the tat:

The crag is in a right state with old krabs on every bolts and knackered rope and rusty chains hanging from the belays, some stuff Pete chopped off:

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