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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Ormesmen of the Week Mel Griffiths, He came, he went and then he came back!

Mel Griffiths burst onto the Orme scene in 1981 with the first ascent of the iconic route Axle Attack on Mayfair Wall. Axle Attack is an Orme classic which was an incomplete aid route. Pollits guide states that: "it was this route before than any other before it, on Trwyn, that gave a realistic impression of the wealth of new climbing waiting to be done." Mel and fellow first ascentionist Leigh McGinley famously trained for the ascent using the axle of a train. Mel had ten years off climbing and was partaking in activities such as cave diving. When he started climbing again he got back into the Orme scene and started new routing and re-equipping on both Ormes.

Well that draws and end to the Ormesmen of the week series, i've enjoyed delving into the history of the area and the men who shaped our crags. It is a area with a rich history and with mnay routes that are of national importance. I've undoubtedly missed some Ormesmens but i am only young so please forgive me. Finally a big up to these guys: Billy Wayman, Pete Bailey, Ben Moon, Ron Fawcett, Mark Pretty, Perry Hawkins, Mike Owen, Phil Smith, Rob Shepton, Ed Stone and Nick Jowett


Dave Redpath said...

Top Notch! I have enjoyed the history lessons. Can we have a route of the month? Or would that just lead to Queues/Polish... :)

Doylo said...

Ha ill have a think.gonna have a break from regimented blogging first!